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    Stana Katic + Thumbs Up


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    #fuck fuck fuck fuck why are they so hot #my fave is watching them both try to top #but then also when he flips her over and she just melts into the pillows as he strokes her face #and she takes it and accepts not topping this time #bc YES this is what she needs #this solid and alive and THERE WITH HER man #this man she only dreamt of for two months #this man who strokes the hair back from her face and looks into her eyes #this man who loves her so very much #and he’s there with her; on top of her #his weight keeping her grounded #keeping her from floating away as her heart leaps in her chest #/her/ castle (via cleverdistraction)

    #they’re teeth keep bumping like they’re new at this #it’s not that they haven’t kissed since he’s been back #god that’s the one thing keeping her feet on the ground #but it’s been fleeting #passing each other in the bathroom in the morning #before they turn out the lights at night #but this #they haven’t done this in so long it feels new #especially to her #he had his memory altered or whatever so to him it didn’t feel like three months #but it felt like years to her #like she wouldn’t ever get to do this again #so when he stops to brush her hair back #she makes the note to slow down #they’re whole lives are ahead of them again (via letthewordsfallout)

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    Stana Katic and profile porn

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    caskett + autumn colours requested by rickcastleslovingchild

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    a brief summary of the first four seasons of Castle

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    6x21 - “I saw that.”

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